Teachers and Students at Dilley Elementary School

Students at Dilley Elementary School have outdoor classes in their school garden thanks to grants from the Education Foundation.

“The Education Foundation Grants have helped me tremendously. {In 2013} I received a small grant to buy timers for my class. Fluency is an important part of literacy. Students used timers daily and were able to borrow them to take home. Last year reading speeds improved a great deal because of these timers…These grants have been a valuable resource for my classes.”

– Cheryl Hall, Cornelius Elementary, 2nd Grade

This grant is for teachers of the Forest Grove School District. Completed applications with a cover letter, accompanying documents, and materials are due October 15th each year. Please note that the Education Foundation of Forest Grove does not fund salaries, food/parties or staff tuition with grant funds. Technology is not funded through our grants at this time. Maximum grant funding is $500.